My summer of discontent

Again, a quick fly-by here as I update the situation on the home and blog front: my house is now uninsurable because of the three sewage floods that have happened here in the past 4 years. Three floods that have been cause by the guy who lives above me. The guy who still gets to live in my Co-op, for some reason. The Board here is slow to act and rather inept. What this boils down to is that I don't know if I will have a home here as of September 3rd and I might possible have to give notice on August 1st. I've lived in this Co-op for almost 17 years and I have a less stable home than the jerk that has repeatedly flooded my home with shit. Not logical? Not fair? Just? Nope. And not very workable.

So yeah, I'm not going to be blogging for awhile.