Another post-flood update

I haven't abandoned my blog, I just don't have an office I can be in for more than a few minutes: the new wool carpet is still toxic and I feel sick within moments of entering the room. Let this be a lesson for those of us who are sensitive to chemicals and those who want to avoid toxic VOC's: just because a product is made from a natural substance, it doesn't mean that you have a natural, non-toxic product by the time the manufacturing process is over. 100% pure wool carpet is often treated with a very strong moth-repellent and it's not a healthy carpet to have in your home. Who knew.

We originally picked Natures' Carpet ( a truly non-toxic carpet), but the dye lots didn't match, so the carpet person "upgraded" us to another line of carpets that were supposed to be non-toxic. Mind the upgrade, folks. Mind the distributor who tells you that even though you can't look this carpet up online that it is indeed non-toxic.

I want to get back to my art, blogging and reading blogs, but the carpet fumes are just too much. I'm trying to figure out if we can get another carpet or fix this problem somehow. Fans and open windows and air purifiers aren't enough. The carpet cleaning guy doesn't think that a steam cleaning will eliminate the problem. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I want my office back!