March update

I'm still breathing moth-proofing and fighting to have my carpets removed. It's been almost three months now and no resolution yet. I still don't have an office and therefore still can't do any art for this site. I'm working on getting this resolved but everyone is passing the buck (and taking weeks to pass it along slowly). So much delay, so little happening. I freaking hate this.

Once I get back into my office, I'll have to relaunch this site and try to regain readers.

I haven't abandoned this blog...


rachelcreative said...

I haven't abandonded having your blog on my RSS feeds :o)

Sorry to hear you're still suffering. Must be so very frustrating for you not to mention debilitating.

Cusp said...

I'm still here --- checking upon you every now and then ;0)

The carpet people are b*st***s and you can tell them so from me ...so there !

I do hope it all gets sorted soon and we can look forward to some more jollier posts soon.

Take care --- thinking of you.

greenwords said...

So sorry to hear this saga is ongoing. I'm sure your readers are all still in the wings, loyally awaiting your return...that's what feed readers are for!

Donimo said...

Thanks for sticking with me! 6 months of barely posting and you're still here. Thanks for the encouragement. I've been thinking I will have to start from scratch once I get my office back, but your continued connection shows me that I won't be starting at ground zero. There will be a post-flood renaissance. Art has not left the building.

I put this update on my other blog:

I have a crew of friends lined up this weekend to pull out the carpet. Weeks and weeks have gone by waiting for one person or another to think about things...and think... and finally get back to us with no plan for action and no desire to take responsibility. I'm amazed at how much time has passed. But yeah, I can't live like this anymore. I feel so sick (on top of being sick) and need to put an end to the toxins.

I finally have some power now in that they mailed me the "release of payment" forms for me to sign. This is done when the reno project is complete. I was pleased to inform all involved that I will not be signing those forms until the carpet problem is taken care of.

Carpet-pulling... not as much fun as taffy-pulling, but easier on the teeth (unless of course someone uses their teeth to yank the carpet out).

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how long this has gone on. You must think you are in the Twilight Zone of endless sewage complications. Up shit creek, maybe?

Your signature on that form is a powerful card to play. I think they will work harder now to resolve this.

Your creative juices will flow again. We look forward to seeing what this year brings for your special vision.

David R.

Lisa Moon said...

Still here and looking forward to seeing you - well and relieved! - agains soon. :)