One pill makes you...

I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist this week and it sounds like I've had all the tests he can think of and there isn't anything left to do but try to medicate the symptoms I have. I'm not a big fan of medication, nor am I fond of targeting symptoms without knowing the cause; however, more than a year of nausea has me pretty much at the end of my rope and ready for a break. Too bad I'm so frightened of taking the medicine the doc has prescribed. I'm a typical person with Fibromyalgia and have very strong reactions to drugs and tend to get most of the side-effects even at a really low dose. The drug he wants me to take has pretty much the worst list of side-effects I have ever seen. If you see me shuffling down the street, with puffing cheeks, staring eyes and my tongue moving in a worm-like way, by all means, ask me how the nausea is going.

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