Visual shorthand

These past few months, I've been in a thick, slow mental fog due to sleeplessness and high pain. I've wanted to blog about isolation in an active, big city; how to be a foodie even when you're chronically nauseated and can't eat much fat; my sister's journey with her cancer treatment; macro and aerial photography and the mathematics of repetitive forms; the push-pull of listening to my body while trying to engage in life; the oblique thought patterns of a pain-ridden Fibromyalgic brain and my art and life in general.

But it's all quite stuck inside. If I could let it all out, it might look something like the image above.


rachelcreative said...

Effective shorthand. It all sounds quite overwhelming. I hope you find ways to let some more out, unravel the junk and keep the good stuff.

Lisa Moon said...

I really really relate to your feelings of not being able to 'get it out'.
How does one even manage to make a coherent thought when every waking moment is a blur of pain?
Sadly, I do not know the answers to this.
The picture is quite effective. I've been considering a graphic for the people who ask how my CRPS feels. Recently I found one which illustrates it perfectly, so chose to link it on my blog. I hope it helps others understand as I think your visual shorthand will.

cusp said...

Yeh...I can relate to that too.

It's such a lonely and frustrating feeling -- made worse by the fact that your body won't let you physically do much about it.

At least by putting out how you feel and getting some response you know that you are NOT alone and have some empathetic blog chums

Katrin said...

very sorry to hear that you are still in such pain. like the picture you posted.

hobbz said...

I love that image. I too have been in a mental fog for weeks now...I don't even remember what it feels like to have clarity of thought anymore...it's just a big jumble like the image that you posted!

Anonymous said...

I went to the Fridha Kahlo museum the other day and as always, I thought of you. It wasn't a MUSEUM perse but her casa, where she and Diego Rivera lived some years. It was ironic that I was disappointed that it didn't display alot of her art. However I did get to see her infamous bed and the mirror above it and several body casts. As always I though of you. How to reach inspiration through the pain that you suffer and strive to express. I cannot love you enough. I do not visit these pages enough but I think of you many times every day. Your brilliance always shines in my heart. ~Jackal

rehab monster said...

i can relate

Dr.Rutledge said...

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