A moment

I haven't felt the urge to take photos in quite a few months. I've felt heavy in my body, slow in my head and not exactly brimming with creativity. The last photos I posted here were taken last year. I've thought many times lately that I ought to get out there and take pictures and that pressure really didn't work in my favor. I just ended up feeling shitty that I wasn't doing anything creative. "Should's" are really throttling and don't work so well with the reality of chronic illness. So, I had a moment today where I just wanted to stop and take pictures, and for that I'm grateful. There was no pressure, no judgment, nothing but deliberation and a bit of wonder.

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Anonymous said...

look what You do behind my back! i love these. for some reason i find them v moving. xo s

rachelcreative said...


Reading the Signs said...

Your approach is engaging and resonates in me. Lovely.

Donimo said...

Thanks, everyone. It feels good to focus on the positive. I'm so glad I picked up my camera and didn't ignore my urge to create.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Yeah, the "shoulds" - if only I could find someplace to bury them where they wouldn't return, they are like freaking zombies.

I like these pictures I guess because it tells me that I have not looked, I have seen but not looked at what is there in front of me, not some singular moment of fame but dew, or post rain, a leaf. What could I see, if I but looked. An important reminder, at least for me.

Donimo said...

Elizabeth: maybe you take a closer look at concepts and the bigger picture more than what is very small and close. The zombie simile, for example: that really fits and it's a way of describing "shoulds" that I never thought of. A legion of zombie shoulds. Excellent way of seeing things.

I'm glad though that these photos are a reminder to you to pause and look closely. I know both of us would like to travel farther and live larger but looking close at hand enriches and makes larger the life we have.

Anonymous said...

I am so moved by your story about your Sister, donimo. The bone scan image is AMAZING! Also very glad to hear it WAS clear! It's obvious you are a dear and caring sister.

The photos bring the eye to the microcosm and make me think about how tears can promote resiliency in the body.

EkC said...

Beautiful pictures! I really enjoyed looking at them and the intricate details. I just came across your blog and plan to visit it more - thanks for sharing!

rachelcreative said...

Hi Donimo.

I just left this comment on L'Ombre de mon Ombre but I wanted to tell you about it too and invite you to consider joining.

I've set up a blog ring and a new blog to try build a little network of artists balancing their work with chronic illness and pain.

I'd be delighted if you would consider joining.

It's still in it's infancy but I thought it would be good to try and nurture a network where people understand some of the challenges chronic illness presents to artistic practice.

I've called the new blog Chronic Artists and there's a link on there to join the network/blog ring.


The Elite Body said...

You are really a good photographer,don't take this talent as granted.