New Year's Greetings

If you start your 2008 feeling like this, you are not alone; if you feel like this every day, you are not alone, either.

I would like to thank all those who have visited my blogs and the many bloggers who have given me so much this past year. I'd like to wish everyone a year filled with creativity and connection.


How are you?

On Monday I saw an extremely thorough neurology and sports medicine specialist. Over the course of the hour and a half appointment he poked, squeezed, stretched and stressed every joint and nearly every muscle in my body. Does this hurt? How about this? And if I do it again? I have quite the collection of injuries and sore spots and he mapped every one of them.

I could hardly move by Monday evening; by Tuesday morning, my pain was beyond words. If you can't say it, point to it:

With thanks to Nero, my Doberman, who loved his toys in a fierce way.